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About us

The creativity expressed by the UniKam brand is the fruit of Dalibor Vukalović's knowledge and imagination. He also passed on his love of stone processing to his wife and two children, so each member of the family contributes their share to the visibility of UniKam products. Dalibor became better acquainted with the stone during his work in Zagreb and acquired additional knowledge with the help of local sculptors, until his love brought him to the Karst. Here he also became better acquainted with karst stone, from which, under Dalibor's skillful hands, unique stone products are made.

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Handmade products

Each of our products is made only by hand, without the use of machines and lathes. Also, the finishing of the stone is processed by hand polishing only.

The inspiration for our creations is nature and all its forms. Our two children were the inspiration for the playful lines that appear in the products of irregular shapes. Many times, however, an idea is born during the production itself, spontaneously.

Because we want to be different from others, we have created a line with irregular and abstract shapes. Even if this is a more difficult way of creating, this is what makes us stand out from others and hence our name UniKam - unique stone products.

Most of our products can be personalized with hand-engraved inscriptions.

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Most of our products are designed in this space, where we often sit around the table to think and create exclusive designs which we offer to our clients.

Here we specify the size and shape, which corresponds to the structure of the stone and its use. Many times the best ideas are born spontaneously while thinking about nature and its beauty.

All exhibited products in the studio are available for immediate purchase. However, you can order a product according to your wishes.

If you would like to visit us, please contact us in advance to agree on a date of your visit.

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